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"THE BEST MONEY I EVER SPENT. After being diagnosed with insomnia and doctor's appointment after doctor's appointment…I now sleep solid as a rock."
- Sue; Bedford, MA

"After suffering from chronic back pain since 2005, and being treated by chiropractors and physical therapists, I decided to try acupuncture. Zach was treating my daughter with craniosacral therapy at the time, and I was impressed with his knowledge, experience, and kindness. Although my results may not be typical my back pain went away after one treatment and I have been pain-free for one month. I am thrilled!"
- Jen T.; Winchester, MA

"I came to Rachel because I was having problems with my jaw - grinding, clenching, and pain. I had tried numerous other therapies - massage, physical therapy, splints - over a two-year period but to no avail. When I started seeing Rachel, I could barely open my mouth, couldn't take a bite of an apple, and was waking up in pain every morning...It is the first thing that worked when I was ready to give up hope. Not only did my jaw feel better but I felt better overall. Less stressed, less anxious, and very calm. I still see Rachel every few weeks and I look forward to the treatments. I take my kids to her as well. Rachel is very talented and has a gift for healing. I wish I had discovered her years ago."
- A.O.; Lexington, MA

"I have seen half a dozen acupuncturists all over the U.S. and Carribean and Zach ranks among the best. Very knowledgable, caring, and effective and a good sense of humor made working with him a treat. I came in for knee pain and left with much more than the ability to walk and run again. My emotions settled and my mind cleared! Zach helped me feel better holistically. Thanks!
- M.W.; Bedford, MA

"After having my daughter in 2008, I struggled emotionally and physically due to hormonal changes post-pregnancy. I experienced irritibility, heightened PMS symptoms, anger and skin irritations. It became intolerable and was hindering my quality of life and decreasing my self-esteem. I (gratefully) was referred to Rachel and Zach for acupuncture and craniosacral therapy. Within three months my symptoms disappeared! I feel more energized, balanced and content and my cycle is completely normal. I continue to see Zach for cranial work to support my creative pursuits and to maintain balance. I am a clinical social worker and I am so pleased with the results from my treatments that I refer my clients…Thank you!"
- H.D.; Winchester, MA

"Acupuncture has been invaluable in helping me deal with chronic headaches and with the hives caused by the stress of living with my child with severe disabilities. I would (and have) recommended Zach and Acupuncture Partners to my friends.
- C.B.; Winchester, MA

"Four years ago, I found myself suffering from frequent migraines and also poor sleep due to hot flashes. The migraines were debilitating and weekly. The hot flashes disrupted my nights. I came to Rachel and told her about each. She listened very intently. She asked questions. She listened again. After an examination she told me if I was willing to come in for a course of acupuncture two times per week for 6 weeks I'd be fine. I'd been to Rachel two years earlier and trusted her - so I said yes even though it was a large commitment. I have not had a migraine headache since. I haven't had a hot flash either. I continue to come in periodically for general health and if I have any other concerns. Rachel and Zach are superb healers."
- Pamela B.; Winchester, MA

"It's difficult to find a superlative strong enough for both Rachel and Zach. Their skills in acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, and their wisdom are unsurpassed. They have contributed enormously to my physical and emotional health, for a variety of issues, and to my daughter's. I have referred friends to both, and we all concur: we are lucky to know them and to receive their expert care. Rachel and Zach are highly trained practitioners with the added great benefits of loving, healing, intelligent, caring personalities. Seeing them both is one of the best decisions I have ever made."  
- Ellen G.; Newton, MA 

"Zach is an absolutely wonderful acupuncturist...He is an extremely personable, honest, and knowledgeable individual who truly cares about each and every one of his patients. Zach is one of the most genuine service providers I have ever encountered. He has a vast knowledge of his profession and his results are second to none. You leave each appointment feeling like a million bucks because not only have you received the highest degree of care imaginable, but you were able to spend the time with a terrific human being."
- J.P.; Arlington, MA

"Rachel is a really good acupuncturist and she's really funny. She's helped me get rid of colds."
- Q. (age 7); Cambridge, MA

"Zach treated my 11-year old son, whose lower back pain prevented him from being able to play soccer and baseball. We observed steady progress over a four month period. During the process, Zach also worked closely with my son's physical therapist. After four months, my son was pain-free and back to playing his sports full time. It was an enormous relief that my son could be cured without surgical or pharmaceutical interventions."
- K.K.; Winchester, MA

"Rachel is a wonderful, caring person and all of that comes through in her care for patients. She has helped me with depression, back pain, and allergies/sinus problems that have been chronic for years. My allergies were the best this year ever and I haven't needed antibiotics for a sinus infection since seeing Rachel for treatment. She has changed my health with acupuncture."
- Lisa; Melrose, MA

"While I originally started with acupuncture treatments for the more conventional condition of asthma, I kept going back for treatments so I could keep figure skating. Zach's background in dance makes him uniquely qualified in the treatment of sports related injuries. It has been a pleasure having a practitioner that understands athletics and the body in relation to sports. I have been figure skating seriously for three years now and he has helped me avoid knee and shoulder surgery. I use acupuncture both as a stand alone treatment and also as an adjunct to physical therapy and orthopedic services. Zach is one of the main reasons I have been able to skate in competitions this year. I highly recommend his services to any serious athlete or weekend warrior."
- Peg D.; Wakefield, MA

"We were referred by a friend to Zach one month after my daughter suffered a concussion during volleyball. After a nearly constant headache, she found relief through his craniosacral work. Although we had been following all of the "rules" set by her pediatrician and neurologist, I have no doubt that without Zach she would not have recovered to this point."
- Jen; Winchester, MA

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