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None of us truly does anything by ourselves; without help and helpers, where would any of us be? Here you will find some resources to help you get connected up with the people, services, and supplies you need in order to stay healthy, happy, and focused.

On the "People" page, you'll find some of the folks we really like a LOT. Their services have either been utilized by us, by those close to us, or else we've just heard or read about them and think their philosophy is aligned with ours. If you end up contacting any of our favorite people, please tell them we sent you, and make sure to say "Hi" from us!

On the "Products" page, you'll find some some of our favorite health-related supplies. Most of these we currently use or have used in the past; some are items we find ourselves recommending over and over again to clients and friends. As every person's body is different, we can make no explicit recommendation for any specific health concern or condition, so if you have questions or concerns, please contact your holistic health care provider before making any purchase.

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