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Current Offerings

Due to the COVID-19 situation, we've pulled way back on administering acupuncture treatments. You can read more about how we're adjusting here. The good news is, we are in the process of moving some of our work online! Read on...

Sarah will be leading a group meditation and Reiki Healing space called the Online Reiki Circle, held as a Zoom meeting every Thursday night at 7:00PM. Click here to learn more and to register.

Sarah is also offering treatments-at-a-distance. Called Remote Reiki Healing, you can read about how it works here, and email us to schedule an appointment.

We've got plenty of herbs for prevention, as well as for acute upper respiratory issues IN STOCK at the moment (they were hard to get at the onset of the pandemic, but we now have a good-sized supply). Rachel has been dropping off herbs to people within a reasonable radius of the office; it's not an imposition, and gets her out of the house for a drive every day! So email us if you're interested in home-delivery of your regular formula, or if you want to chat about prevention and treatment of the symptoms of colds and flu.

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Lexington, MA  02420