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Founding partners Rachel Hartstein and Zachary Parsons were already practicing acupuncturists when they met in an Aikido class in 1999. Over time and many conversations about acupuncture, education, and paradigmatic shifts in healing, they fell in love and laid plans for opening a shared office. In 2003, Sage Community Acupuncture opened its doors to the Lexington area, where Zach and Rachel were honored to assist thousands of clients in reaching or regaining maximum health. In 2010, Rachel and Zach changed the name of their office to “Acupuncture Partners” in order to better reflect the nature of their work and their outlook on healing relationships; later that year their amazing son Sean was born. Sean loves acupuncture and gets regular treatments from both Mom and Dad, which not only keep him healthy and strong, but increase his already abundant cuteness.

62 Massachusetts Avenue
Lexington, MA  02420