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Reiki Circle Reflections

It’s been six months since our inaugural Reiki Circle, it’s time for some reflection!

The inspiration for a monthly Reiki Circle came to me over two years ago, but it took almost a year and a half to develop the right setting and delivery of this form of Reiki. I have never seen anyone practice Reiki in the way I was envisioning, and wasn’t sure what to expect.

I wanted to offer Reiki in a group setting, because the energy of multiple people in a healing space together is very powerful. The cherry on top turned out to be adding a guided meditation to the experience. When practicing Reiki, especially remote healing, I am sent on a journey complete with visualizations and tactile sensations. Sharing this experience with others (by leading a guided meditation) turned out to make all the difference while offering Reiki in a group. Individuals were able to go on their own journey within themselves, while simultaneously being immersed in the collective healing energy of the group.

So last fall I took the plunge, e-mailed all my Reiki lovers and created a Meetup group. The first circle was small, but very powerful. I was amazed at the response. Every month since then the group has grown, we gather with a mix of both new faces and dedicated Reiki Circle go-ers who don’t miss a meeting.

Every session starts with the delicate sounds of the quartz singing bowl, and from there the Reiki starts to flow and we are transported to a beautiful space of healing and transformation. The bulk of the meditation is focused on a specific intention for the day, which is different every month--working with a particular chakra, element, emotion, mantra, or idea. Included are visualizations and exercises to bring awareness to physical, mental, or emotional sensations that often go unnoticed in our bodies.

As the circle comes to a close and the singing bowl gently brings everyone back to the present moment, it is a real gift for me to watch every person slowly open their eyes, visibly relaxed with a soft smile on their face. Refreshed, like they had just woken from a deep, restorative sleep. Everyone leaves a little lighter than when they came in.

Every month, I look forward to sharing this with others. The Reiki Circle offers a gentle introduction to Reiki for those who are not familiar with it. And for the more experienced, this is a chance to practice in a new way.

I hope you join us next month!

More information about the Reiki Circle, and upcoming meetings here on the Meetup site.

Reiki Circle Reflections,