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Spring: A Time for Growth

Spring is ALMOST here, it’s so close we can feel it. The rainy and snowy weather this week has been keeping some people down, both physically and emotionally. So I’m going to let you in on a little secret to help usher in the spring energy.

In TEAM (Traditional East Asian Medicine), every season is associated with an element. The spring is all about the element of Wood.

Think fresh, new plant life bursting up from the earth after lying dormant all winter long under the hard, frozen ground.

Think movement, growth, inspiration, expansion.

Spring: A Time for Growth,

The Wood element is in charge of vision and planning in your life.                              

What is it that you want to do?                                                                                       What steps will you need to take to get there?

That’s what the Wood element is all about--coming up with a clear plan so that you can set and accomplish your goals in life. And because the spring season is ruled by this element, it means that this energy is heightened and more easily accessed than at other times of the year. Take advantage of it! Use all of the wisdom and insight you gained from the winter to plan ahead for the future. 

Do you want a new job or promotion at work? Do you want to remodel your house? Do you want to start a meditation practice? Run a marathon? Learn a new skill? Take a trip?

Now is the time to set a vision for what that goal will look like and the steps you will take towards making it a reality!


If you are still feeling slow and sluggish as we come out of the winter, look for the next blog post when we will talk about some more ways that you can embrace the energy of Wood within your body with food and lifestyle changes.