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Fall: A Time for Letting Go

It’s that time of year again, folks! The nights are long, the air is crisp, the smell of pumpkin pie and warm apple cider fills our homes. But the TEAM (Traditional East Asian Medicine) view of autumn is much more than cozy sweaters and cinnamon spice. It’s a time for contemplation, reflection, and letting go of that which does not serve us.

The summer months are fulled with activity--days are long, plants and wildlife are alive and thriving, and we spend more time outside doing things like swimming and barbecuing. As we move into the winter, everything slows down--the days are shorter, animals go into hibernation, plants are dormant, and we spend more time inside getting cozy under a blanket.

Our body and mind should reflect the changes that are happening in the environment. Letting go of unnecessary burdens in our lives allow us to connect with ourselves more deeply, and find peace in our hearts.

While I was walking in the woods the other day, I started to notice individual leaves as they fell from the trees. I was awe-struck, and had to stop and sit to watch them. Have you ever watched a single leaf fall from a tree? It’s mesmerizing. I probably spent a half hour simply watching the leaves as the fell to the ground, one by one, swiftly and gently. Some would get caught in a glimmer of sunlight, some would pick up a little gust of wind and twirl around and around in many directions, some would bypass any other branches or leaves and fall straight to the ground. No matter how, they all found their way to the ground with poise and ease.

Fall: A Time for Letting Go, Photo credit: Erica Robinson Photography

Watching the leaves fall from the trees was a beautiful reflection of what our bodies and minds need at this time of year.

Shed what does not serve us.

Just as the trees let go of their leaves to get through the winter, so must we let go of thought patterns, habits, ideas, beliefs that are not for our highest and greatest good, that do not support our health and growth as human beings.

This applies to physical things, too--clothes you haven't worn in years, old books you haven't read, anything you save because you "might need it some day".

Take some time for meditation, reflection and contemplation this season: do you have any limiting beliefs about yourself? Holding onto a grudge that is only weighing you down? Is your house cluttered with things that you don’t use anymore?


You’ll be amazed at how much lighter you feel when you do.