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All About Reiki Part 3: The 21 Day Challenge

by Sarah Fuller, Lic.Ac., M.Ac.

During the month of December, I created a challenge for myself: send distance Reiki healing to one person every day for 21 days. (What is Reiki, you ask? You can read about it in this blog post.)

There were multiple reasons for putting together and carrying out this challenge, but the most important one was to share my life’s passion with others. Offering my services to friends and family who have enriched my life and supported me throughout the years gave me a way to share that passion, and also give back to them what they have given to me. 

There is a big part of me that wishes to change the world, and I always think about what my role is in that. Because Reiki is such an important part of not only what I do, but who I am, I thought “Why not start there?” And so, this is what came of it. Creating this 21 day challenge opened doors to a new perspective on what I was doing and how I was working.

I opened up a calendar for friends and family to sign up for a 30 minute session of distance healing. It filled up fast, and the high demand called me to extend beyond the 21 days I had originally planned on. I was amazed at how many people were receptive to my offering. Not just friends and family, but old friends I haven’t spoken to in years, acquaintances I barely knew, people from different parts of the country, experienced Reiki practitioners, and people who didn’t even know what Reiki was! 

As with other types of healing, everyone experiences Reiki differently. But, I find there are some things that are are very similar across the board.

Almost every person who received Reiki reported that they felt:

  • Deep relaxation 
  • Decreased stress levels 
  • A deep, restorative sleep 
  • Waking up the following morning feeling refreshed and energized
  • Increased clarity 
  • Emotional or energetic releases 

As the month progressed, I could feel a collective energy emerging--the excitement and gratitude for what was being created was palpable on my end. It extended beyond anything I have ever felt in a single distance healing, like we were all living in one big Reiki bubble. Everyone had a positive experience, whether they enjoyed 30 minutes of relaxation, had a single good night’s sleep, or received insight that gave them clarity in a challenging situation. 

Here are a few responses I received:

"I could feel a very powerful energy coming through the top of my head and filling me up. It was relaxing and empowering at the same time. I felt energized and uplifted for several days afterwards." -C. 

I went into the session feeling very upset...The entire time I felt like a ball of stress and anxiety, and I kind of felt like I was resistant to the Reiki. However, at 8:28, I felt a tremendous and unexpected wave of release and clarity.” -T.

Before I had the Reiki I just got back from dinner with my folks. I ate too much and had an upset stomach. After Reiki my stomach was not upset. I was really tired after, so I just stayed in bed and fell asleep to the night. I woke up this morning feeling really refreshed. I am usually dragging on a Monday morning." -E.

I fell into a really deep peaceful sleep for about a half an hour.  When I woke up, my whole left side felt better...As soon as I closed my eyes, I had a vision of you in front of me with this beautiful lit-up blue orb in your hands.  You looked at me and said, "Here, this is yours.  This is the kind of healing that you give to other people, and now I'm giving it back to you." Needless to say that resulted in a lot of tears running down my face!!!  Even now as I'm typing this I'm getting weepy. :)   I had a very good cleansing cry” -L.


Sharing Reiki in this way was an incredibly fulfilling experience. Because this "challenge" was so successful, I plan on doing more in the future. 

Leave a comment if you would be interested in participating!