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All About Reiki Part 2: Treatment Q & A

by Sarah Fuller, Lic.Ac., M.Ac.

“How can I receive Reiki?”

1. Hands-on healing: This is where the practitioner works one-on-one with you, and places their hands on different parts of the body. No massage, fancy movements. Just a light and gentle touch. It is usually done lying down or sitting in a chair, fully clothed.

2. Distance healing: In this case, you do not need to be in the same room, the same town, or even the same continent as the practitioner! Reiki energy transcends both time and space, and therefore can be sent anytime, anywhere, kind of like radio waves or Wi-Fi. I practice distance healing often for many different reasons, and always see incredible results. (More on this in the next blog post!)

3. Group Reiki: A group is led in meditation while receiving Reiki at the same time. A benefit here is the collective energy of the group--the stress-busting power of Reiki is multiplied when it can bounce off many people sitting in a circle together. (We offer a group Reiki Circle here at Acupuncture Partners on the last Tuesday of every month--contact us to find out more!) 

“What does Reiki feel like?”

There are lots of things that can come up during a Reiki treatment. Some of the more common experiences are:

  • Deep relaxation (you may even fall asleep!)
  • Temperature changes: you might feel warm or cool, and/or feel the warmth coming from the practitioner’s hands 
  • A feeling of lightness or heaviness 
  • Sensory experiences: seeing colors/images or hearing sounds
  • Tingling or movement of energy in different parts of your body 
  • Emotional releases (crying, laughing, anger, etc.)

“What if I don’t feel these things?”

This is not a complete list of everything that happens to everyone during a Reiki treatment. Some people feel some of these things, some people feel all of them, and some people feel nothing at all. Whatever you feel is totally perfect and normal.

Some people are under the impression that if they don’t feel anything during a Reiki treatment, they don’t get as much benefit from it. That is untrue. Everyone benefits from Reiki, but not everyone may tangibly feel it in their body. There is no rule as to what you are supposed to feel. Everyone has different needs and different ways of interpreting their experiences of the world. Just because you don't feel anything, doesn't mean it isn't working!

“Do I need to do anything special in order to benefit from Reiki?”

No. All that is required is to just be present. But with that said, I think it is best to receive Reiki in a time and place that you are able to relax and sit quietly. Not because the treatment will be “better”, but because turning your focus inward will allow for a stronger connection with your inner self. I talk more about this connection in the previous post.

“What about after the session?”

When the session is over, you may feel like you want to take a nap, or you may feel refreshed and energized. You may feel clear-headed and creative, or you may feel like you want to cry. Just like the treatment, every person and every session is different. Whether you are tired, energized, or emotional, remember that one is not "better" or "worse" than the other. You body is just doing what it needs to do in order to heal. 

Listen to your body. This will allow you to get the most benefit from the treatment. If you are feeling tired, go to bed early or take a nap; give your body the rest it needs. If you are feeling clear-headed and energized, take advantage of that energy and work on a project or go for a walk outside. It is best to avoid strenuous activity, though--light movement such as stretching, walking, or yoga is best. 

When it comes down to it, words are only words. The experience of Reiki is one that goes beyond explanation. To really know what a treatment is like, you just have to try it for yourself!